Wade Robson Says Muting Michael Jackson is Not Necessary

Wade Robson I’m Not the Authority On Muting Michael Jackson


Wade Robson says he’s received an outpouring of support since “Leaving Neverland” was released, but he doesn’t care if people still listen to Michael Jackson … because this is about way more than that.

We got Wade Monday evening at LAX where he wanted to make it clear — he’s not the moral authority on muting MJ … it’s up to everyone individually to decide how to deal with the disturbing allegations against the singer.

Wade says he hopes his story makes people question who they worship … more than question whether they play certain songs. He does reveal his personal decision on Jackson’s music.

As for his doubters — from members of the Jackson family to Aaron Carter — Wade’s pretty mum. He tells us people will believe what they want to believe … and sometimes it takes time.

He’s also holding out hope his molestation suit against Jackson will have a positive effect, but once again … says it’s about more than him. The suit was dismissed in 2017 but is under appeal.

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