Joe Theismann is Cool With Jimmy Garoppolo Dating Porn Stars, Let Him Live!

Joe Theismann Cool With Jimmy G Dating Porn Stars … Let Him Live!!


It’s nobody’s place to tell Jimmy Garoppolo to stop dating porn stars — not even the San Francisco 49ers … so says Joe Theismann.

The NFL legend joined the guys on the “TMZ Sports” TV show (weeknights on FS1) and he was clear in his message to those criticizing the QB for his public date with Kiara Mia — let Jimmy G live.

“Just because it doesn’t fit in to what everybody feels like it should, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tell somebody how to live their life,” he says.

Joe also tells the guys he never had thoughts of dating somebody in the porn industry when he played … but there’s no way he’d hold it against a teammate if they wanted to go that route.

“[Teammates] don’t tell people who to go out with,” he says.

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