Kelvin Gastelum Tells Conor & Khabib To Chill, Somebody's Gonna Get Shot

Kelvin Gastelum Chill Conor & Khabib Somebody’s Gonna Get Shot


If Conor & Khabib don’t chill out with their vicious and very serious beefing, someone’s gonna get seriously hurt … as in shot … so says UFC star Kelvin Gastelum.

Khabib and Conor have been going at it on social media lately, after McGregor lobbed what some thought was an anti-Muslim insult directed at Khabib, prompting Khabib to launch an ultra disrespectful clap back.

We got UFC Star Kelvin Gastelum — who was in L.A. promoting his UFC 236 title fight against Israel Adesanya — and he says if the rhetoric from both men has the potential to end up tragic.

“I think there are some lines that have been crossed, and it’s escalating to a point where it shouldn’t have to. I feel like if it keeps going the way it’s going, somebody’s gonna end up injured, somebody’s gonna end up hurt, somebody’s gonna end up shot.”

Kelvin is 100% serious and you can hear it in his voice, he told our camera guy he believes there’s only so much Khabib and his side will take.

“Khabib don’t play no games, man. This is real life for him.”

We should say, Conor seemed to apologize for his statements on Twitter yesterday, along with a pledge to be better in the future. But, is Khabib accepting it?

Let’s hope so. 

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