A Look Inside A Russian Military Base In The Arctic

The base is strategically situated near some of the region’s main shipping routes and has been heavily fortified

Daily Mail: Russia tightens its grip on the Arctic with military base in polar region rich in resources

* Some 250 troops are stationed on Kotelny Island which is between the Laptev and Eastern Siberian Sea
* The strategic base has been rebuilt after it was abandoned in the 1990s following the fall of the Soviet Union
* Russia has installed some of its most advanced anti-aircraft and anti-ship equipment at the military base

Russia has installed an advanced missile defence system into an arctic base on Kotelny Island in the centre of the region’s main shipping route.

Some 250 military personnel are responsible for anti-aircraft and anti-ship weapons at the base which sits between the Laptev Sea and Eastern Siberian sea.

Such is the remote nature of the base, it has enough supplies to remain self-sufficient for 12 months.


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