Chinese Warships Have Been Holding Military Combat Drills Near Taiwan For The Past Week

J-15 fighters from China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier conduct a drill in an area of South China Sea, January 2, 2017. On Tuesday, Chinese state media revealed that Beijing warships had been holding military drills near Taiwan every day for over a week. Reuters

Newsweek: China Steps up Combat Drills Near Taiwan As Invasion Fears Rise

Chinese warships have been holding military combat drills in waters near Taiwan for more than a week, Beijing state media said on Tuesday. The news comes amid rising cross-strait tensions and invasion fears.

Since June 17, a group of navy warships, including a Type 054A frigate and a Type 052C destroyer, have been conducting exercises near Taiwan, including in the Bashi Channel and the Taiwan Strait. That’s according to, an official publication of the Chinese army.

“The drills tested the military and training abilities of warship, aviation and coastal defense troops, via organizing real combat training in multiple areas of the ocean,” it said.


Update #1: Chinese warships drill in waters near Taiwan — Reuters
Update #2: Taipei scrambles jets and navy as mainland China sends warships through Taiwan Strait — SCMP

WNU Editor: The Chinese are war-gaming invasion scenarios. Taiwan does need to be concerned.

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