Should The Pentagon Be Planning For An Occupation Of Iran?

Joe Karle, Modern War Institute: The Pentagon Should be Planning for an Occupation of Iran, Even Though It’s a Nightmare Scenario

If President Donald Trump’s most recent tweets about Iran are any indication, a military confrontation with Iran is not off the table. And yet, there is almost certainly little consensus, even within the administration, about the wisdom of such a course of action. Mark Perry’s recent Foreign Policy article about Defense Secretary James Mattis’s efforts to avert war with Iran notes Mattis harbors no illusions regarding Iranian threats, but that he is also keenly aware any military strike would have broad and negative repercussions for the United States.


WNU Editor: The above author should add a fourth point to his analysis on why occupations fail …. and that is the will of the population from the occupying power to occupy another country. From my read on what is the sentiment in the U.S. and the current political environment, I would say that 90% (or more) of the American population would be against any occupation of Iran … . a guarantee failure in my book. As to the question should the Pentagon plan for an occupation of Iran, I say do it. All that it will show is how difficult/costly/and bloody it will be.

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