In August, Tianyu will stage four major days like “Ten Dogs Eat Day”.

Tianjin 30th Comprehensive Electric) Astronomical experts said that the upcoming August is a starry sky. The public can not only enjoy the classic “Ten Dogs Eat Day”, but also witness the “St. Laurent’s Tears” and Venus East and the Mercury West. A very popular “program” such as a large distance.

The first to go on the market was the partial eclipse on August 11. Zhao Zhijun, an expert in astronomy education and a member of the Tianjin Astronomical Society, said that this is the third and last partial eclipse this year.

Then, the Perseid meteor shower, known for its “Tear of Saint Laurent,” will pass through the northeast sky in the early hours of August 13. At that time, the public in some areas can see the beautiful meteor shower from the 12th to the 13th. The theoretical zenith flow per hour of the Perseid meteor shower this year can range from 100 to 140.

In addition, the bright and famous Venus will greet the East Great Distance on August 18th. At this time, the Venus is very bright, and the brightness can reach -4.2, etc., such as a bright light hanging in the southwest, the only step in the sky, and the stars.

“With the aid of a telescope, the public can also enjoy the fascinating figure of Venus as a small moon.” Zhao Zhiyu said.

The mysterious Mercury will stage West Great Distance on August 27. This is Mercury’s third Westbound distance this year.
“Because Mercury rises above the eastern horizon before the sun rises, the height of the horizon at sunrise is about 17 degrees. So before the sun rises, the public can see Mercury shining in the low east of the morning, and the brightness of Mercury is -0.1. Visible to the naked eye,” said Zhao Zhixuan.

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