The flight attendant forgot to wish him a happy birthday. The male passenger cried when he got off the plane.

Japan travel information evaluation website “4Travel” has a man exposed himself, emphasizing that he specially chose to sit in first class and spent his 39th birthday in the air, but the flight attendant did not find him to be a birthday star, accusing the ANA international air service. The staff did not tell him happy birthday.

He said that the flight attendant had been waiting for him for 10 hours on the plane. After the plane flew to the United States, he only looked for an opportunity to complain to the flight attendant. The flight attendant also quickly filled the fruit platter and champagne to apologize.

However, the male passenger thought that this was not the birthday he had expected to refuse, and the more he wanted to get angry, the more he cried on the spot.

The post caused a heated discussion among Japanese netizens and sympathized with the 39-year-old lonely man. He was looking forward to someone helping him to have a special first class but it was a bit sad. Many netizens commented on blessing the happy birthday of men.

Some netizens believe that the quality of service in Japan is the highest in the world, because it is trained by this difficult Japanese Austrian.


The 39-year-old man flew to the United States and was sent a cake to celebrate his birthday. He finally broke into laughter.
ANA public apology

After the ANA response, I admitted that the flight attendants were not well-served and repeatedly apologized to the male passengers, stressing that they would deeply reflect on strengthening staff education and training.

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