Barack Obama and Joe Biden Break Bread in Washington

Barack Obama & Joe Biden Reunited and It Feels So Good!!

Barack Obama and Joe Biden‘s bromance is back in full effect — as if it ever stopped — and they’re back in D.C. for a power lunch.

The former Prez and Veep hit up Dog Tag Bakery Monday in the Beltway … surprising the hell outta everyone at the nonprofit bakery. Dog Tag serves as a “living business school” for veterans looking to enter the civilian workforce.

Barry and Joe chowed down on a couple of sandwiches — ham and gruyere and turkey with brie — and a fennel salad. They also indulged in a mint-basil olive oil cake, chocolate chip cookie and brownie.

Dog Tag’s CEO, Meghan Ogilvie, told The Washingtonian their appearance freaked out everybody, and the duo shook everyone’s hands, took selfies and recognized each of the service members who work there.

It ain’t a Jay-Z and Beyonce concert, but we’re guessing Joe’s just happy to kick it with his guy again. Good luck topping this #MCM!

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