I spent nearly RM1,000 on brand-name shoes and dyed it on the door.

A Chinese woman named Zhuang surnamed a pair of Nine West brand sandals in department store counters last June. The original price was nearly 3,000 yuan and the remaining 1400 yuan (about 929 ringgit).

She was ecstatic and confessed to buying and earning it. Unexpectedly, when she wore the door, she had a heavy rain. The baby sandals had a serious discoloration and dyed a pair of new shoes directly on her feet.

She felt very disappointed with the complaints, and the result caused a lot of netizens to resound. For this reason, the counter manager who sold the shoes explained that the Xixi sandals are anti-fur work, and they are easy to fade and not waterproof. Very normal.

“The rain was really big that day. I have to go a long way after getting off the train. The shoes are naturally swept away by the rain.” According to “The News”, a Zhuang surname woman from Zhejiang Province in China unfortunately encountered a thunderstorm on the afternoon of the 23rd. When I went home to take off my shoes, I was scared and stupid. There were a few neat black marks on my toes, insteps and ankles. Even the soles of my feet were almost completely “printed” out of the soles. “The shoes are folded in half.” After spending 1400 yuan, I still felt that it was a big deal…”

Later, Miss Zhuang took the shoes back to the counter to respond, but only got the answer that she had not been able to return the goods after the warranty period. She consciously spent a lot of money to become a big head, but in desperation, she only had to surf the Internet and complained.

Unexpectedly, the sensation caused a sour madness to squander. “The Putian shoe factory can’t make such shoes.” “Can this style Taobao 140 not be bought?” The reporter later found out that the shoes were sold last year. The counter, the manager of the surname Lu, admitted that the shoes could not be waterproof when they were designed. Now they can only report the matter to Yuxi China to see how the follow-up can be handled.

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