Chinese President Xi Wades Into ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ Rhetoric

SCMP: Chinese President Xi Jinping warns of disaster if one civilisation imposes its will on another

* He urges more openness and cooperation in speech at Beijing’s Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilisations
* US State Department’s Kiron Skinner had provoked criticism by calling competition with China ‘a fight with a really different civilisation’

In the latest sign that the confrontation between China and the United States is escalating, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that one civilisation forcing itself on another would be “stupid” and “disastrous”.

Xi’s remarks, delivered at the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilisations, where Beijing demonstrated its soft power, did not mention the US but were regarded as the highest level response yet to tough rhetoric from Washington.


WNU Editor Chinese President Xi is trying to unite Asia against the West along racial and cultural lines. And he is doing this by accusing the U.S. and the West of being engaged against Asia in a “clash of civilizations” conflict. It is not going to work with the other Asian countries. Asia is a continent that is culturally and racially diverse, and I would say more so when compared to Europe and the U.S.. And the argument that the West wants to impose its civilization on Asia is convincing no one But it will work in China, and that is probably President Xi’s real goal and objective. Mind you …. China’s Muslim Uighur population may have a different point of view …. Satellite Images Expose China’s Vast Network Of Secret Re-Education Camps (October 31, 2018).

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