Criminal Gangs Are Now Taking Control Of Venezuela

A Russian-made Sukhoi Su-30MKV fighter jet from the Venezuelan air force flies over a Venezuelan flag tied to missile launchers, during the Escudo Soberano 2015 (Sovereign Shield 2015) military exercise in San Carlos del Meta in the state of Apure, April 15, 2015. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Venezuela Investigative Unit, InSight Crime: An unprecedented attack that killed a general is an ominous sign of growing criminal power in Venezuela

* A Venezuelan air force general and five other security officers were killed in an ambush during a patrol in northern Venezuela in early May.
* The attack is believed to have been carried out by a “mega-gang,” and while the motive is not clear the killings point to the growing power and impunity these criminal groups have in the country.

The recent murders of an air force general and five other security officials in Venezuela, believed to have been carried out by a mega-gang, confirms the growing impunity these criminal groups enjoy and the control they exercise in a key central state.

Early on May 4, an army and police patrol was ambushed in a mountainous area of the northern state of Aragua. Three soldiers and two police officers were killed, alongside Air Force Brigadier General Alexis Silva Zapata, reported El Pitazo.


WNU Editor: This is what a failed state looks like, and Venezuela is rapidly getting there.

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