A Look Inside The NSA’s Outpost In Hawaii

NSA/CSS Unveils New Hawaii Center. CAPT Joseph J. Rochefort Building with double rainbow in sky.

CBS: Exclusive look inside NSA Hawaii, the “front lines” of intelligence gathering

CBS News is getting an exclusive look at the National Security Agency’s secretive outpost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. NSA Hawaii is on the front lines of American intelligence gathering, intercepting communications and monitoring a region that includes China and North Korea.

The NSA is the largest of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, and this outpost in Hawaii is particularly busy these days as the U.S. shifts its focus from fighting terrorism to a competition between nations for critical information.


WNU Editor: I am surprised that this NSA outpost is in Hawaii and not closer …. like on the island of Guam. I guess (bottom line) a lot of communications go through Hawaii.

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