Pentagon Claims Iran Revolutionary Guard Are Behind The Attacks Two Weeks Ago On Vessels Off UAE

Tanker A. Michel is seen off the Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, on Monday. The U.A.E says it was one of four shipping vessels targeted Sunday. (Satish Kumar/Reuters)

Reuters: Pentagon accuses Iran’s Revolutionary Guards over tanker attacks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military on Friday accused Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) of being directly responsible for attacks on tankers off the United Arab Emirates earlier this month, describing it as part of a “campaign” by Tehran driving new U.S. deployments.

“The attack against the shipping in Fujairah we attribute it to the IRGC,” said Rear Admiral Michael Gilday, the director of the Joint Staff, adding the Pentagon attributed limpet mines used in the attack to the IRGC. He declined to describe “the means of delivery” of the mines.


Update: Pentagon: Iran Revolutionary Guard behind attacks on vessels off UAE (Al Arabiya/AP)

WNU Editor:  Who else would be responsible?

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