Former VP Biden: ‘Trump Is An Existential Threat To America!’ . President Trump: ‘Joe Biden Is A Dummy!’

President Donald Trump lashed out at Biden at the White House before he left on his own trip to Iowa

Former Vice President Joe Biden will let it rip on President Donald Trump in a speech in Iowa today

AP: Trump, Biden trade barbs amid dueling Iowa campaign visits

MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa (AP) — President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden spent Tuesday trading insults — sometimes almost simultaneously— as they stumped across Iowa in split-screen moments that could preview a ferocious fight ahead if the two face off for the presidency next year.

The back and forth laid bare the rising political stakes for each man, even with the election about 17 months away. Trump has zeroed in on Biden as a potential threat to his reelection chances and is testing themes to beat him back. Biden, meanwhile, is campaigning as a front-runner, relishing the one-on-one fight with Trump while making sure he doesn’t ignore the demands of the Democratic primary.


Update #1: ‘Trump is an existential threat to America!’ No more Mr. Nice Guy for Biden as he opens up direct attack on president with Iowa speech that slams him by name 76 times (Daily Mail)
Update #2: Trump says ‘Joe Biden is a dummy!’ and unleashes fury at Democratic front-runner he says is ‘the weakest mentally’ in the field as he leaves Washington for Iowa showdown (Daily Mail)

WNU Editor: Popcorn time!

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