New Air Force One Jets Will Be Delivering Less Than What Was Promised

Warzone/The Drive: New Air Force One Jets To Have 1,200 Nautical Miles Less Range Than Originally Required

Details about this reduced requirement, among others, have emerged along with news that the White House wants the planes delivered sooner.

A new Pentagon report to Congress reportedly says that the two future Air Force One replacement aircraft, which won’t have a mid-air refueling capability, will have an approximate maximum range that is over 1,000 miles less than originally planned. The pair of modified Boeing 747-8is, which will be designated VC-25Bs, will have a number of other reduced capabilities compared to the original requirements, even as it appears that the program’s costs have grown. These revelations all come as President Donald Trump’s Administration is seeking to speed up delivery of the planes and maybe even change their iconic blue-and-white paint scheme.


WNU Editor: And they will cost more.

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