Russia Starts Delivery Of S-400 Missile System To Turkey, Risking Sanctions With The U.S.

New S-400 ‘Triumph’ surface-to-air missile systems after deployment at a military base outside the town of Gvardeysk near Kaliningrad, Russia

Daily Mail: First shipment of Russian S-400 air defence missiles arrives in Turkey despite warnings Ankara will face US sanctions over deal with Moscow

* A Russian cargo jet touched down at Murted Air Base outside Ankara on Friday
* The delivery of Russian-made S-400 missile parts could anger Washington
* Turkey had been warned not to purchase the new systems by the U.S.
* Washington fears the technology could compromise their F-35 stealth fighters

Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems were delivered to Turkey on Friday after Washington warned they would face sanctions for the purchase.

The U.S. said that Turkey’s procurement of the hardware would run counter to its membership of NATO, in the latest issue between the two countries after they clashed over the Syrian conflict.

A Russian Air Force AN-124 cargo jet delivered the S-400 consignment to the Murted Air Base outside the capital Ankara.

Washington believes the new Russian technology could compromise its F-35 stealth fighter jets, an aircraft Turkey is helping to build and to buy.


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