Instagram pushes IGTV to attack YouTube

Watching young people love to watch the trend of the film on the Internet, social media Instagram launched a new application, IGTV, yesterday, and extended the length of one minute of the original upload to 10 minutes. All kinds of changes are to compete for the market for video and audio platforms.

Instagram, which was founded 8 years ago, was originally based on photo sharing. The initial business model was mainly to imitate competitor Snapchat. After discovering that young people do not like to watch TV, and instead read the YouTube video, Instagram’s parent company Facebook changes its business model to imitate YouTube, and after the length of the extended movie is limited, it is also expected to sell advertisements in the future. Profit.

Kevin Systrom, chief executive of Instagram, said he hopes IGTV can become a creative platform, allowing less-known creators to become more followers and become online red. Heath has also said that although there are currently no ads inserted in Instagram videos, after extending the video time, advertisements can be placed for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and with the advertising revenue, the video creators can share the benefits.

Heath Heights said: “We hope that these creators will earn income because this is the long-term approach.”

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