Cleveland Cavs Scrubbing LeBron from Team Shop, Slashing Jersey Prices

Cleveland Cavs Scrubbing LeBron from Team Shop … Slashing Jersey Prices

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Well, that was quick. 

LeBron James is no longer on the front page of the Cleveland Cavaliers online team shop — and they’re already slashing prices on his jerseys. 

Don’t worry, the new star getting the front-page treatment is Cavs rookie Collin Sexton — you can buy his jersey for $110 (Kevin Love and J.R. Smith are also still on the front page). 

But, now that LeBron’s heading West … the NBA’s #2 selling jersey (behind Steph Curry) has been discounted from $110 to $66! 

Gotta think people in Cleveland are still gonna buy LeBron jerseys though, right? Especially since the Cavs will 100% retire #23 at some point down the line. 

Meanwhile, on the Lakers team store — they’re selling LeBron front and center! 

Interested in some Bron purple and gold swag? An authentic #23 Lakers jersey will cost you $220! 

If that’s too rich for your blood, you can still find old-school Cedric Ceballos jerseys (#23) for WAYYYY cheaper!

Good luck! 

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