LeBron James Rocks Kaepernick Shirt To Lakers Game, Here's Why …

LeBron James Rocks Kaepernick Shirt To Game … Here’s Why

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LeBron James clearly wants Colin Kaepernick to know he’s got his back … 

Check out the shirt Bron wore to the Lakers preseason game at Staples Center on Thursday — featuring the name “Kaepernick” on the upper back — a pretty huge statement from the most famous athlete on the planet. 

The shirt is made by Nike — the company that just featured Colin as the face of its “Just Do It” campaign

LeBron also has a deal with Nike and praised the company for having the balls to do business with Kaep despite some pretty powerful critics … including the President of the United States

“I wore a Kaepernick shirt tonight, one, because it’s Nike and I’m a Nike guy. And then, two, I support Kap. I’ve always supported Kap and what he stands for and what he believes in.”

It’s not the first time LBJ’s publicly stepped forward to join Kaep’s fight … after Colin received massive blowback for his new Nike deal last month — Bron stepped up to say he stands “for anybody that believes in a positive attitude and a positive matter.”

LeBron also posted pics of the shirt with the caption, “KAEP Drip #MoreThanAnAthlete,” on social media late Thursday night.

Athletes like Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant and Todd Gurley all liked the post.

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