How To Find Great Self-sufficient Affiliate Marketing Programs

It would appear that there are millions of firms that have selected to control their particular affiliate programs rather than making use of brands like Linkshare or Percentage Junction.

Actually, our close friends at Five Star Affiliate Marketing Programs tracked a putting up with a UK affiliate marketing community forum where they are asking yourself in case the sites should have their 30 Percent commission payment. Excellent Concern.

The point is that it takes lots of money to gain access to a Payment Junction or possibly a LinkShare, and there are many very good-paying, distinctive courses available that happen to be well worth no less than reviewing. Like the rest on the net there are plenty of internet directories available that collection unbiased affiliate marketing programs.

The truth is, many of them were arranged the same way along with the identical sites shown, and so i got to the conclusion they were just repackaged information (that i find a lot on the Net currently).

I checked over 25 to 30 of those internet directories, and listed here are the 3 I stumbled upon by far the most valuable, inside the buy that we enjoyed them:


This is the best. They looked to have the most distinctive list of web sites, and the interface is intuitive.


Wonderful design, some good websites. My only gripe is that it is a paid itemizing assistance, which lessens its impartiality.


This is basically the internet affiliate guide web template site. A great deal of adverts, but some good programs. I needed to feature at least one of such sites…there a wide range of.

Here’s a good Google suggestion: type in the word or key phrase that explains the affiliate software keyword, then consist of +affiliate. By way of example, if you’re searching for a dog playthings affiliate marketer you will search dog games +affiliate marketer. You should get back a variety of courses.

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